Bitcoin Center NYC Founder to Speak at Futurist Conference

The founder of Bitcoin Center NYC, Nick Spanos, speaks tomorrow, at 3:50pm, on the Coinsquare Stage for the Futurist Conference!

Presented by Untraceable, the Futurist Conference is the largest blockchain event in Canada, attracting over 2,300 attendees. They converge in Toronto from August 13-14.

Additional speakers include Vitalik Buterin (inventor of Ethereum), Anthony Di Lorio (Founder/CEO Jax, Co-Founder Ethereum), and Brock Pierce (Crypto Pioneer/ Philanthropist).

Nick is a bitcoin pioneer and is one of the earliest adopters of bitcoin and blockchain technology. In addition to founding the Bitcoin Center NYC, he is the founder of and CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp. Additionally, Nick Spanos is the founder and inventor of VoteWatcher, the patented first-ever blockchain voting platform.

If you are in the Toronto area and want 50% off a last-minute ticket, use promo code “NICK50” when registering at