Bitcoin Center NYC Founder Nick Spanos is a Keynote Speaker for Coinvention

Bitcoin Center New York City Founders Nick Spanos is set to speak at this year’s Coinvention. The focus of the conference is on unifying the space through co-invention and collaborative atmospheres.

Nick Spanos is the Founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC. The center was prominently displayed on the Netflix documentary “Banking on Bitcoin” in 2016. Nick is also the co-founder of and is the inventor of the multi-branched blockchain and blockchain paper ballot voting, with both patents having been granted. 

“We founded the Bitcoin Center NYC motivated by the same focus of Coinvention  – unification and collaboration in the area of blockchain technology. Having participated and seen last year’s event, we can only expect another successful conference. We look forward to meeting and working with other attendees who are focused on advancing blockchain technology and decentralize the word,” said Nick Spanos, Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC and an early blockchain pioneer. 

Nick is also the co-founder of – a decentralized bonding curve curation market providing access to data providers and other services through algorithmic token generation. During the hackathon, Zap’s competition templates, which any developer can adopt for his or her own decentralized competitions, will be utilized. Hackathon attendees will be able to stake the ERC-20 ZAP utility token on the team(s) they believe will have the best project.

Each team will receive a bonding curve for their repos (or can create their own), embeddable bonding widget and respective listing for their bonding curve token on ForkDelta. This allows teams, who would like, to take their token beyond this competition, and even beyond the Zap platform, so they are able to use their token in Dapps of their choosing. 


Coinvention is hosting its second annual conference at Philadelphia’s Loews Hotel on September 21 as part of a week-long celebration of pro-decentralization. In the city that started the rebellion that became America, Coinvention plans on taking blockchain back to its decentralized roots. 

The event, which has a dual focus of cryptocurrency and blockchain, will include a free 48hr hackathon on September 20th before a conference that brings together industry recruiters, influencers, content providers and investors the next day. 

Coinvention welcomes investors, job seekers, newcomers and promoters to mingle and

take advantage of this exciting opportunity to absorb insights from an impressive array of

thought leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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