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Proposed Utah Bill Would Create Blockchain Task Force and Business Incentives

Utah is the latest state in the United States to vote on special treatment for blockchain in a bill that will be heard today. The hearing will center on the definition of blockchain technology. Introduced by Republican senator Daniel Hemmert on February 26th, the bill, called the “Blockchain Technology Act” (or, Bill 0213) seeks to make blockchain businesses exempt from …

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Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Blockchain Sandbox Bill

The state of Wyoming is continuing to welcome blockchain startups, this time with the approval of a bill that will allow blockchain and crypto startups to operate within what is called a regulatory “sandbox” for a legislative vote. On Friday, the Wyoming House Committee on Minerals, Business and Economic Development approved its financial technology sandbox bill in a unanimous 9-0 …

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U.S. Department of Energy Announces funding for Blockchain-based Research Projects

In a press release on Monday, the U.S. Department of Energy announced it will award $4.8 million in federal funding for universities working on research and development projects. The funding, which comes through the Office of Fossil Energy, is part of the department’s University Training and Research initiative, whose aim is to cultivate young science and engineering professionals in the …

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