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Satoshi Thursday (1/08) Art Gallery Opening ft. NILIcoins – Cryptocurrency art coins


January 8th- 20th, Bitcoin Center NYC 40 Broad street (between Exchange Pl and Beaver St.) NYC

Opening reception:Thursday January 8th, 5:00 to 8:00pm. All are welcome!

Presentation at 6:30pm


The art show is featuring NILIcoins, physical representations of crypto-coins created as art to demonstrate and promote the idea of a decentralized monetary system based on cryptocurrency.  Come see Coca-Cola Coin ICOKE and Disney Coin IDISNEY, which are the first in a series of 10 coins. The coins which I issued are real tradable coins; however, these coins are not backed by the companies they depict.  As an artist I’m using a mental recognition of the visual image of each brand to paint a clear vision of the complex reality I wish to represent, and to illustrates a system which can become a viable and sustainable alternative for the monopoly of bank credit. The coins are listed on bitcointalk forum just like all other new crypto-coins and exist as art on the forum’s announcements platform:  [PRE-ANN] [NILI] NILIcoins Art-coins [ANN] [ICOKE] Coca-Cola Coin  [ANN] [IDISNEY] Disney Coin  The Coca-Cola coin imagery are multiples and treated images of the company’s logos.  The Disney coin features sequences of Mickey and Minnie dialogs as the coin presenters, and are related to well known images.


Nili is a well established painter and a conceptual artist living and working in New York and in Tel-Aviv.  Since 2008 she has participated in projects dealing with the concept of money using, real money and creating currency as art. during these years she also used twitter, creating pieces constructed of tweets. The Nilicoins project is intentionally bringing both experiences into the workspace as a visualized economy system made in real life using cryptocurrency and social  media as the medium of creation.

Nili also has been working as a scenic artist in the movie industry.  Her credits include Sherlock Holmes, The Amazing Spider Man, Noah, Men in Black 2, I Am legend, & Sex and The City.

MINNIE: The things we do here as coin presenters, are like what Newton described as “Standing on the shoulders of giants”

MICKEY: Oh Minnie you always confuse things. This quote is used in the academia not in the world of commerce and intellectual property laws!

MINNIE: But I think that Walt was a genius too, and other people should be free to stand on his shoulders, just like they do in bitcoin. They call it “Open-Source” and I like that a lot.