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New York City’s Bitcoin ATMs

New York City is home to the world’s largest collection of Bitcoin ATMs. Even with the strict requirements of the relatively new “BitLicense” regulations, multiple companies operate Bitcoin ATM Networks across all of New York’s five boroughs.

One of the longest running ATMs is located at Bitcoin Center NYC. There are two ATMs to choose from — a classic Genesis machine and a brand new two-way ATM by Bitcoin D.A.V.E. They are running some of the lowest rates available, almost half that of other ATMs’ fees nearby.

Bitcoin Center NYC is located at 25 Cleveland Place (Spring & Lafayette in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood) and open from 12pm-9pm daily.

Source: Crain’s New York

  • How do these work? I send BTC and get USD? What’s the max withdrawal?

    • KurodaKun

      Yes, kind of like an online BTC broker. You send BTC to a wallet address provided by the machine from your wallet address or you can have the machine generate one (not as reliable better have your own address), use your debit/credit to buy coins and designate them to your wallet address provided by an online broker account with the likes of Coinbase and others, and you should receive them. There are also BTC plastic debit cards in the make too.Withdrawing by conversion to cash is possible obviously and you get cash right away just like fiat currency ATM that you know.I would say the fees are lower. Withdrawal limit: $9,999/day per customer. You can check this out: https://coinatmradar.com/blog/bitcoin-atm-installations-peaked/

      As you can see, several different companies with varies fees and limits.