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Ripple Hires Facebook Payments Exec for Business Development Role

Ripple, the San Francisco-based startup announced that they hired Kahina Van Dyke, who worked as Facebook’s global director of financial services and payments partnerships from 2016 to June of this year.

In the hiring announcement, posted to Ripple’s blog, Van Dyke discussed the points around cross-border payments, saying “Now we need a new global technology solution for international payments that offers interoperability with existing systems, connecting them and leveraging their value”. She adds “We are at the very tip of where this whole thing is going”.

Ms. Van Dyke is certainly a high profile acquisition for the company, aside from that however, she clearly exhibits a great enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency, at least through her statement.

Ms. Van Dyke joins a growing number of tech executives that are abandoning the established Silicon Valley companies in favor of opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. The movement of executives into the blockchain industry speaks volumes, as many of these people are the same who helped build the internet during the dotcom boom, and can more easily see paradigm-shifting technology than the average person, as they have already lived it.