Paying Bail in Bitcoin

Martin Marshic, the man charged with hacking video game company Electronic Arts, has been ordered by a federal court to pay his bail in cryptocurrency.

Judge Jacqueline Corley out of San Fransisco set bail at $750,000 in bitcoin or any other kind of cryptocurrency. The Daily Post, which reports out of Palo Alto, spoke to US Assistant District Attorney Abraham Simmons about the order. Simmons said he doubted this was the first time a judge allowed cryptocurrency for bail as bail orders can be quite broad, including assets such as real estate.

“The judge could order just about anything… What the objective is is to get the defendant to comply with an order to appear later.”

The San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe had not heard of a bail set with cryptocurrency. He does not foresee this extending beyond federal court into the local court system anytime soon: “I think think they’re strictly certified checks currency…they take only greenbacks.”

While some may argue the significance of a bail set in cryptocurrency, it certainly shows the continued progression of cryptocurrency as a widely accepted asset class.


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