Australian Craig Wright is “Officially” Not Satoshi Nakamoto

Summary: In early December, 2015, Gizmodo and Wired both reported that they had (once again) uncovered the secret identity behind Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. They tapped a relatively unknown “Australian genius” named Craig Wright.

An anonymous source had provided the publications with “credible” proof to back up their claim that Craig Wright was the mysterious and elusive Satoshi Nakamoto. Although the entire episode was dismissed within days as an elaborate hoax, a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania firm has put an end to the debate using complex text analysis.

They say they have rigorously studied the writing patterns of Satoshi Nakamoto in the past, and used an analysis technique known as stylometry to conclude that Craig Wright’s writing style does not match that of Bitcoin’s creator; ergo, Wright cannot be Satoshi.

So there you have it. Satoshi Nakamoto is “officially” still at large.

Article Source: CryptoCoinsNews | Image Source: BeyondInfinity