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Bitcoin Headed for $1,000 Any Day Now

The price of Bitcoin has been a wild ride. After hitting an all time high of $1,242 per Bitcoin in November, 2013 (Mt. Gox), the price continuously declined for the next two years, eventually going as low as $160 in January, 2015. Fortunately, Bitcoin’s pains proved temporary and the exchange rate has been steadily rising since then. After hitting a two-year high of over $780 earlier this month, Bitcoin’s price has continued to rise. Currently at approximately $960 (reaching as high of $980), Bitcoin seems to be headed for the $1,000 and beyond mark. At current prices, Bitcoin’s market cap (price of Bitcoin x # of Bitcoins in circulation) is already at an all time high, topping over $15 billion.

You can trust that there are going to be many people keeping a close eye on the Bitcoin price charts over coming days.



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Image source: Reddit