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Update: Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 Released

Summary: A new version of Bitcoin Core, version 0.12.0 has been released today, 2/23/2016. This is a pretty significant update that brings a number of improvements to the Bitcoin Core wallet and background node service. Changes include:

  1. 7x Faster Signature Validation
  2. Ability to Limit Upload Traffic
  3. Crash Prevention via Memory Pool Limits
  4. Option to Send Transactions That Can Be Fee-Boosted
  5. Improved Rules for Transaction Relaying
  6. Automatic Usage of Tor When it’s Running
  7. Ability for Apps to Subscribe to Notifications With ZeroMQ
  8. Massively Reduced Disk Usage for Wallets
  9. Much Faster Block Assembly for Miners

You can download the update from BitcoinCore.org here and you can read the full details of the new features on the release notes here. For the more technical minded, read the GitHub page release notes here.

Article Source: BitcoinCore.org