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April, 2019

  • 21 April

    Tennis Star Serena Williams Reveals She Invested in Coinbase

    Legendary tennis star Serena Williams revealed she is an investor in leading United States-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. Williams broke the news last Wednesday, April 17th with an Instagram post in which she announced that her investment firm, Serena Ventures, had silently invested in more than thirty companies, with Coinbase being one of them. The biggest surprise of the post, though, …

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  • 20 April

    Fundstrat Co-Founder Tom Lee: Bitcoin Misery Index Never Been This High in Bear Market

    Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee said that the current value shown by his proprietary Bitcoin (BTC) sentiment metric, the Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI), has never before been seen in a bear market. This news comes via comments Lee made in an interview published by Cointelegraph yesterday. In the interview, Lee pointed out that through 2018, the BMI never topped …

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  • 19 April

    France Introduces New Crypto Regulation

    The French government has embraced a new financial sector bill that provides a legal framework for crypto service providers and ICOs in the country. The government is also urging the European Union to adopt its latest cryptocurrency framework. France accepts new financial sector bill The government of France has decided to adopt a financial sector bill that provides legal guidelines …

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  • 18 April

    LedgerX Files Application to Launch Physically-Settled BTC Futures Product Aimed at Retail Investors

    United States crypto derivatives trading platform LedgerX has its sights set on the launch of a physically-settled Bitcoin (BTC) futures contract. This news comes via a report from The Block published on April 15th. LedgerX, which is fully regulated and overseen by the United States Commodities Futures Commission (CFTC), has reportedly applied for a designated contract market license last November, …

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  • 17 April

    Ernst & Young Beta Testing Smart Contract Analyzer for Ethereum Blockchain

    Ernst & Young (EY), one of the Big Four auditing firms, has launched a private beta test version of its new Smart Contract Analyzer tool for the Ethereum blockchain. This news comes via a press release published on the company’s website yesterday. The tool could be a game-changer in terms of ensuring companies’ smart contracts actually fulfill the promises they …

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  • 16 April

    Cointelegraph’s BlockShow Starts Crypto Fundraising Campaign for Reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

    Blockshow, the international blockchain event put on by Cointelegraph, has started a campaign to raise funds in the form of cryptocurrency for the reconstruction of Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral. The news was first announced yesterday in a tweet sent by BlockShow’s official Twitter account earlier today. In order to intake donations, Blockshow has announced two digital currency wallet addresses where …

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  • 15 April

    Binance to Delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) after CZ Tweets Warning

    Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced it intends to delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) next week. This news comes via an announcement published to site’s “Latest News” section earlier today. Per the announcement, on April 22nd — exactly one week from today — Binance will delist BSV (which was listed on the exchange as BCHSV) and halt all trading pairs. …

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  • 14 April

    New Survey: 94% of Endowment Funds Have Invested in Crypto

    94% of endowments allocated crypto-related investments in 2018. This news comes as a result of a new survey published on Friday, which was conducted late last year by crypto trade publications The Trade Crypto and Global Custodian, in conjunction with blockchain security firm BitGo. Per the survey, endowments will continue to allocate funds to crypto, despite concerns about the lack …

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  • 13 April

    Universities in South Korea Collaborate to Create Blockchain Campus with In-House Crypto

    South Korea has been one of the leading cryptocurrency countries in the world in terms of crypto-friendly regulations and innovations. Various groups, companies, and organizations have consistently pushed the envelope and innovated in the crypto space, and the average person’s interest and involvement in crypto are higher than many other leading nations. Two universities in South Korea have partnered to …

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  • 12 April

    Potential Bull Signal: Thomas Lee’s Bitcoin Misery Index Hits Peak Level Since 2016

    Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Thomas Lee noted on Thursday that the “Bitcoin Misery Index” (BMI) — a metric he invented — recently hit its highest level since June 2016. This news comes via a tweet Lee published to his own account. The BMI measures how “miserable” Bitcoin (BTC) holders are based on price and volatility on a scale of 0 …

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  • 11 April

    Circle CEO States Belief that Crypto Industry Is About Fundamentally Redesigning of Society

    According to Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, the blockchain industry is about redesigning the basics of how civic society functions. Allaire communicated this sentiment at a panel at the 2019 Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, D.C. yesterday. Allaine discussed his thoughts on the issues pertaining to the crypto and blockchain space …

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  • 10 April

    US’ New Digital Taxonomy Act Would Allocate $25 Million Per Year to Prevent Crypto Crime

    The newly reintroduced Digital Taxonomy Act of 2019 (also known as the Token Taxonomy Act) suggests an annual allocation of $25 million to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to prevent crypto-related cybercrime. Originally proposed in December by Representatives Warren Davidson (R – Ohio) and Darren Soto (D – Florida) — a noted crypto advocate — but reintroduced yesterday, the bill …

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  • 9 April

    US House of Representatives Reintroduce Token Taxonomy Act, Which Would Exempt Crypto from Securities Laws

    Members of the United States House of Representatives — one of the two houses of the country’s legislative branch, Congress — have reintroduced the Token Taxonomy Act. This news comes via a press release distributed earlier today. Initially proposed in December by Representatives Warren Davidson (R – Ohio) and Darren Soto (D – Florida), the bill would exclude cryptocurrency from …

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  • 8 April

    As Bitcoin Surges, Chinese Traders Pay Premium for Crypto on OTC Market

    Amid Bitcoin’s recent price increase, Chinese traders are flooding back into crypto trading, and even paying a premium for their coins. This news comes from a two-part tweet posted yesterday by Chinese social media account cnLedger, which reports on crypto and blockchain. In the tweet, cnLedger notes that Chinese markets have shown “strong buys” in over the counter (OTC) trades, …

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  • 7 April

    PayPal Invests in First Blockchain Company

    According to reporting by Michael del Castillo of Forbes, PayPal has invested in its first blockchain company, called Cambridge Blockchain. While the multi-billion dollar company has previously filed a blockchain-based patent and explored an internal project for incentivizing employees with tokens, they are now looking outside for further blockchain expansion. The report notes Cambridge Blockchain is a startup whose work …

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